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Eupon new meltblown line in function for high quality fabric


After months of installation and commissioning, an advanced meltblown fabric line now is functional produce high quality meltblown fabric in Eupon new workshop.


The meltblown produced at new line show excellent performance which is much higher than one set in national standard for medical surgical mask YY0469-2011.


Accompanying visitors on site, in the dust-free workshop, Yang Haixiang, the product director, explain to the guests with the inspection report in his hand, "According to the report issued by the GTTC, our meltblown fabric is guaranteed to be 98%+ particle filtration efficiency and keep air resistance as low as 20 Pa."


"Such low resistance makes mask maker have sufficient operating space to meet the national standard for masks with a pressure difference of not more than 49 Pa." Director Yang Haixiang further explained, "Even a poor mask machine, the increase in pressure difference will not be higher than 15 Pa."


"Using our meltblown to produce masks does not have to worry about failing to meet national requirements!" Director Yang said to customers very positively, "All our products have undergone strict inspections, and the data is open to customers. Data show on each box, easy to be aware of."


Sichuan Eupon Enterprise Co., Ltd. has long history of producing medical masks, protective clothing, and surgical gowns and supply them to hospitals. We contributed total capacity ensuring all our hospitals and government have enough supply of PPE when COVID19 epidemic and it is our honor to be recognized as national reserve supplier of PPE against the new crown epidemic.


The newly put-in production capacity of meltblown fabric not only meet the needs of Eupon, but also available to supply to PPE maker around the world. 


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