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Sichuan Eupon Co., Ltd. is to participate CMEF the biggest show for medical equipment, supplies, as well as sanitary house supplies and equipment

Over 25 years, Eupon dedicates in providing medical supplies such as surgical gown, surgical mask, bedsheet, cover sheet, protective coverall for hospitals in Chengdu a mega city in habitant over 20 million populations. 

Over 50% market share and high reputation in hospitals, Eupon always put its quality and credibility at first place. The factory is GMP certified and ISO13485 pending, with over 4000 sqm GMP standard workshop, and advanced laboratory monitoring hygiene of every batch of raw material as well as finish produce. Our slogan “Our experts, your guardian” is not just put on the wall but roots in every segment of production. 

Eupon extend business to meltblown membrane produce and is installing cutting-edge technology SMS laminate nonwoven fabricating line which is the first install in west China and is in function within in near future. 

Sichuan Eupon will showcase latest designed surgical gowns, coverall which upgrade with materials and processing to provide more protection therefore reliable PPE for medical staff no only in hospitals but also in airport, customs, intercontinental travelling etc. for personal protective during present global pandemic period. 

Welcome visit CMEF and stop at Hall 1.1 stand K05 to check the latest technology Eupon implement in medical PPE and supplies to reveal secret behind “Our expert, your guardian” 


Add:37 xiangxing road, xiangyang town, guanghan city, sichuan province, china

Tel:+86-0838-5400686-802 | 0838-5403328


E-mail: sale@eupon.com

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